E-Book Tutorials and I-Pad apps

Okay, you have your cool new e-book, but what do you do with it? Below, you will find a variety of videos that will help you navigate and use your e-books:

Click HERE to learn how to navigate your e-book

Click HERE to highlight and take notes in your e-book

Click HERE to learn how to share your e-book notes with your classmates

If you would like your textbook to READ TO YOU, follow these steps:

  1. download the Vital Source Bookshelf app, and download a textbook.
  2. Then, in your i-pad, go to: Settings>general>accessibility>speech.
  3.  Tap the Speak Selection and Speak Screen to the “on” position.
  4. Then, go to your textbook, open to the page, and swipe from top to bottom with TWO fingers (it may take some practice to get it right).
  5. Then, a control bar will pop up (allowing you to speed up, slow down, pause or play) and Siri will read what’s on the screen for you.

Additionally, if you picked up an I-Pad, then remember to go to the app store and find some great apps to help you with your schoolwork, some suggestions:

  • Click here and here to get tips on making the most of the i-pad
  • Evernote: free app that allows you to keep notebooks online, scan documents into it (with Scannable app), and use a stylus to draw and write
  • One Note: connect One Note to your Office 365 and you have a electronic notebook you can search, save in the cloud and access anywhere.  Easy to organize and use anywhere, AND your textbook notes can transfer directly into your notebooks here
  • i-Tunes U: great place to find short lectures, additional information and help for class
  • Canvas Student and Vital Source Bookshelf: apps to let you access your canvas class site and your e-book on the run
  • Office Lens: a scanner app connected to your Office 365 account and works with MS Office products
  • Pintrest: a social media site where people connect websites that they find helpful–look up study tips and create a “board” linking sites that help you study, give you tips on material (use the search tab to put in a topic and find what other people have already linked in that area)


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