Everybody needs a little help now and then

Sometimes life can come at you when you are not ready, and you need a hand.  Our local communities have resources to help if you need it.  See below for links (click the bolded portions to be routed to the information) to resources that might help you, from housing, food and medical resources to counseling, support groups and other resources:

  • Well Connect-24/7 counseling services that can provide guidance for personal issues, crisis, legal issues, academic issues, stress and many other assists (or call:866-640-4777)
  • North Carolina: Community resource guide (one stop shop for any community resources in Mecklenburg county), MedLink (free and low-cost healthcare), dental resources (low-cost dental care), health and human resources, public transportation (bus, train and ride-share, including to surrounding counties),
  • South Carolina: public transportation (including links to Charlotte, NC), health department (for health and other resources), South Carolina public assists (emergency aid, energy assistance, food assistance), food banks, community assists (a variety of links that may be able to assist in a number of ways)
  • General assistance: Partnership for Prescription Assistance (helps patients find and enroll in discount prescription programs), Crisis Assistance Ministry (help with financial crisis, clothing, and other needs)

About the Author

Laura Glading
CHAR - Campus Director of Academic Affairs